Are you ready for a Native Landscape
that you can really call Your Own?

Your home can be a refreshing place that connects with the natural world. It can be an oasis for migrating monarchs. A place that attracts bluebirds looking for a good place to raise a family. With interest and color all year long, walking paths linking one area to another, and the respect and appreciation of your neighbors.

You might already have some ideas, but you’d like help with the details.

You might feel you could do most of it yourself, as long as you have a good plan to work from.

Maybe you’ve already had a designer do a plan, but somehow it just wasn’t what you wanted.

You can create the landscape of your dreams….

– without spending too much
-and without giving up control of your own landscape!

Wouldn’t you love to be certain your new landscape would thrive, be beautiful year-round, and be teeming with biodiversity?

But doing it alone can be a bit daunting! Ever have questions like these?

• Is this one of those shrubs that will eat the house in a few years?

• How much sun is “full sun,” and what about August when it gets pretty dry out there?

• Will this cute plant I found at the plant sale survive more than a year?

• What will this whole area look like in the winter?

• Can I put this grouping in front of that tree? How far should I space them apart? What about all these roots—will they be a problem?

• How do I make this all flow together and look great?

There is certainly a lot to think about, to get something that really works in your own situation. And without too much extra work to keep it all growing and healthy.

I want you to know that it can all come together, and it can be so beautiful and so satisfying.

I’ve seen barren lawns transformed into places that beckon hummingbirds and butterflies, uplift the spirit, and require only just a little extra care and management after they’re established.

There can be a feeling of fun participation in a SMALL amount of LIGHT garden management, rather than the overwhelm of heavy weeding and mowing.

And you might also be relieved to know that you can do it all without relying heavily on fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.

Ready to get started?

MeadowI invite you to browse the different services I offer–especially the Native Landscape Co-Design Service. I designed this service especially for people who are already interested in gardening and native plants, and who are ready to roll up their sleeves and work together with me to create a fabulous design.