Updated Plant Sheet for “Designed Plant Communities for the Chesapeake”

Hello, Native Landscape Enthusiasts,

An especially warm welcome to the new folks who signed up for these updates from the Adkins class on April 16, “Designed Plant Communities for the Chesapeake: Perennials that can take it.” I’ll be sending this short summary out once or twice a month. Just two topics this time…

  1. I am making available the link to the updated perennials list pdf. This is an update from the one handed out in class. In it are a few corrections (ugh, I hate finding those but it does happen) and the following new, additional plants that were mentioned during the class but were not at that time researched enough to go on the list:
  • Pycnanthemums, Mountain mints (design layers B,C) (plants that repel mosquitoes!)
  • More Heuchera species (layers B,C) (what to sub when they don’t have ‘Autumn Bride’)
  • Geranium maculatum (layers B,C,D) (Wild cranesbill spits its seeds when ripe)
  • Zizia aurea (layers B,D) (dainty little Golden Alexander)
  • Antennaria neglecta (layer C) (But did you know this Pussytoes plant is allelopathic–inhibits other plants?)

Below is the link to the updated pdf for MAY2016. After you’ve downloaded it, you can open it in any pdf reader. It should print on three, normal 8.5 x 11″ sheets of paper:

Design by Layer Native Perennials List

2.  OK, what was this class at Adkins?

If you weren’t at the class (or if you’d like a review) it was basically an overview of a method for designing with native perennials that results in lower maintenance and uses a lot of host plants. More info about that here. I will offer the class again next year at Adkins. And I may also put together an online version of it, this winter (let me know if you’re interested in that–I will get to it sooner if I know there is interest).

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading, and happy gardening!