Small Focus

Small Focus Design Service

If you could create a fresh, beautiful spot in your landscape–just one area to focus on–what would it be?


This multi-season, low maintenance bed in the backyard creates an interesting view from several windows.

Sometimes the best approach is to design an entire landscape, then install in phases. This is what our Co-Design Service is all about, and it truly works very well, for lots of people.


But other times, trying to get your arms wrapped around designing an entire landscape is just too daunting. What then?


The Small Focus Design Service is here to help you create a very effective garden for a smaller area.

Front walkway and pollinator garden on steep, dry slope in part sun.

We’ll use beautiful, biodiversity-supporting native plants.


We’ll also use other elements as needed, such as paths, birdbaths, colors, textures, and pots…all depending on what is needed to bring that specific area to life.


What to expect with this service:

First, we’ll have a short phone conversation that helps us both understand what your goals are for the project.

Then I’ll come to your home for a visit lasting 2 to 2 ½ hours. During that time we’ll measure, analyze, fantasize, and conspire until we have a good plan for the area you’ve chosen. We’ll run through the whole, entire design cycle: site analysis, design, plant selection, and installation planning–all in one meeting!

The result is a clear, detailed sketch showing what to put where, and a list of what to buy. You’ll also get instructions on how to install your bed, based on what’s there right now.

The cost for this service is currently $225 (during pilot program, summer 2017*) and includes the following:

  • Pre-visit phone interview
  • 2-2 ½ hour planning meeting at your home
  • Sketch of garden, drawn to scale, with plant names indicated
  • List of plants to purchase and local nurseries that usually carry them
  • List of other materials to purchase with likely sources in the Annapolis area
  • Instructions on how to prepare and plant your bed
  • Instructions on how to maintain your bed after it is planted

You’ll be all set to go shopping, get digging, and enjoy your successful native garden!

Are you ready? To start the process, send me an email at and mention that you’re interested in the Small Focus Design service. Or, you can fill out this form and I’ll contact you!


*- This $225 price for this new service is offered only through end of August, 2017. After the pilot period, the price may be adjusted.