Selecting Plants for Sandy Soil

Selecting plants for SANDY Soil:

Finding the plants that will love your sandy soil and make your landscape healthy again

“My husband and I have killed—and I’m not exaggerating—at least 50 trees over the years we’ve been here. Nothing seems to survive our backyard. It’s so hot out there… we’ve tried everything: weekly watering, those green tree bag things, even hiring the nursery to plant the trees. None of it has helped. They still all die! Sometimes we feel like giving up, but we really would like to enjoy some shade out there.”

Even professional landscapers will often plant their favorite, same-old, all-purpose trees and shrubs, rather than take the time to learn about your soil type and recommend something specifically appropriate for you.

The greatest designs in the world can look fabulous when first installed, but if the plant is not right for that type of soil, slow or even rapid decline is all you’ll see.

Not sure whether your soil is sandy? Watch this quick and easy video that tells you how to determine which kind you have:

Determining Your Soil Type (click here for more on this)

Once you are sure that your soil is sandy, the next step is to become familiar with the plants that will actually love all the special qualities of sandy soil: great drainage, the opportunity to bring their own nitrogen to the party (in some cases), and freedom from competition with plants that require higher nutrients in the soil. You see, some plants were BORN for this sandy-soil job, and they are waiting for you to find them, get to know them, and give them a chance to make your landscape beautiful.

This video class and plant list package will walk you through a good collection of plants I’ve used and researched, that do well in sandy soil. They are all MidAtlantic natives. In addition to showing you what they look like, I’ll tell you a little about how they grow, what I appreciate about them, and what kinds of wildlife benefit they provide. The video and printable notes include some 50 plants:

  • Sand-loving canopy and understory trees that can provide shade, block winds, frame views, attract birds, and host butterflies.
  • Shrubs that have bloom, berries, and fall color to offer your landscape, as well as food and cover for birds.
  • Perennials, grasses, and ferns that fill in the ground layer of your landscape—reducing the need for lawn and adding color, texture, and year-round seasonal change.

With this package you’ll learn the basic plants you need to know about in order to design a successful native plant landscape. The cost is $140. The package includes

  • the 40-minute video (it’s like a college-level class on native plants, but tailored to YOUR soil type!)
  • detailed notes on all the plants covered in the video so you won’t have to take your own notes or try to remember anything
  • access to my online, searchable photo Gallery of these plants in natural and in landscape settings, taken at all different times of the year and updated regularly.

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Or, if you have a question about Selecting Plants for Sandy Soil, please feel free to ask me here…