Selecting Plants for Clay Soil

Selecting plants for CLAY Soil:

Finding the plants that will grow and thrive in your clay soil landscape

“We’ve carefully planted a number of trees and shrubs, but so many of them have failed. I’ve noticed how dry and cracked the soil looks…a few weeks after a rain, it’s hard as a rock out there.
I planted 4 apple trees, and now only one is left. I planted a row of 20 arborvitae to buffer the traffic on our busy street, and now 6 years later only about half of them are left and they’re all still quite small–they never really took off. I’d like to stop wasting money on planting trees that just don’t make it.”

Clay soil is tricky stuff! The wrong trees and shrubs will suffer and die from lack of oxygen to their roots, no matter how you plant them or how often or little you water them. Clay soil holds water longer than normal soil, and then when it dries out, it resists absorbing water when the rains do come.

If you’re not sure whether you have clay soil, take a quick peek at this short video. It walks you through a quick process you can do in 5 minutes in your yard, that will help you determine which kind of soil you have.

Determining Your Soil Type (click here for more on this)

It takes a special breed of plants that can tolerate clay soil conditions, but since we have a lot of clay soil in the MidAtlantic region, guess what, we have a lot of beautiful native plants that are well-adapted to this soil! This video and plant list package will give you the basic, clay-loving native plants you will need to know about in order to design a successful landscape:

  • Clay-tolerant canopy and understory trees that can provide shade, block winds, frame views, attract birds, and host butterflies.
  • Shrubs that have bloom, berries, and fall color to offer your landscape, as well as food and cover for birds.
  • Perennials, grasses, and ferns that fill in the ground layer of your landscape—reducing the need for lawn and adding color, texture, and year-round seasonal change.

With this package you’ll learn the basic plants you need to know about in order to design a successful native plant landscape. The cost is $140. The package includes

  • the 40-minute video (it’s like a college-level class on native plants, but tailored to YOUR soil type!)
  • detailed notes on all the plants covered in the video so you won’t have to take your own notes or try to remember plant names and other details.
  • access to my online, searchable photo Gallery of these plants in natural and in landscape settings, taken at all different times of the year and updated regularly.

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Or, if you have a question about the Videoclass, Selecting Plants for Clay Soil, ask me here.