Plant Selection Videoclasses


How do you figure out which plants are going to do well in your landscape? By the time you’ve come to this page, you’re probably beyond the stage of buying what looks cute at the box store. You know that certain plants are good candidates for certain sites, and others are not, and it’s worth knowing about this before you buy more plants. You may have already killed a few plants to learn this (I have, too!), and so now you’re ready to get not just what looks pretty, but what makes sense AND looks great.

You might have clay soil or you might have sandy soil. There are sunny places and shady places, dry slopes and low, wet areas…and as you probably know, plants can be pretty persnickity about what they will tolerate.

Even after you’ve made the decision to go with native plants, there are still sooo many plants! It is overwhelming to page through a book on native plants because it will have everything in your region…it feels like sifting through the fine print, to learn which ones like clay, which ones are drought tolerant, etc.

Don’t you wish someone would break it down into things that generally would do well in your own landscape?

Well, clients asked me to do this, and so I did. If you know whether you have clay or sandy soil, I can give you a palette of plants that are well-suited for your soil type.

Determining Your Soil Type (click here for more on this)

Wondering what your soil type is? Watch this quick video to learn a 5-minute test that will tell you:

So go ahead and try the test, then wash your hands and come back in…what were your results?

Got Clay Soil?

Click here, “Selecting Plants for Clay Soil.”

Got Sandy Soil?

Click here, “Selecting Plants for Sandy Soil.”