Co-Design Service

Native Landscape Co-Design:
The much better way to design your landscape!

Here’s the thing. The traditional landscape design service simply DOESN’T WORK for most people:

  1. Instead of bringing you closer to your landscape, it pushes you further away.
  2. It ‘s a hit-or-miss proposition, where the designer “goes off and does something he likes” and then after spending many hours (for which you have paid) comes back with something in his own style, not necessarily in yours.
  3. On top of all that, it’s kind of expensive for many of us.

Given all this, you might be wondering if there is a landscape design service that is right for you and your needs. Do any of these resonate for you?

 You are not happy with the way your landscape currently looks, and you’re concerned about our rapidly declining populations of bees, birds, and other wildlife.

You’ve been dabbling with native plants and you like the idea generally, but somehow the things you’ve brought home so far have not translated into a successful landscape. Still, you don’t necessarily want to throw out all the work you’ve done so far.

You may have actually taken some landscape or native plant classes, and you’ve got lots of great material, but somehow when you get out the paper and pencil to plan your own landscape, it just isn’t happening.

This Co-Design Service gives you just the professional help you need, but lets you keep control of the design. And the cost is a fraction of what a full landscape design service would cost. It’s just a whole lot easier when you have a pro helping with each step!


 • The Drawing: You’ll finish with your own, useful drawing (called a “plan”) that will explain where to put everything so that it will all flow together and look great.

Specific Plants and Materials List: You’ll know exactly which plants and materials are right for your landscape.

Easy, Phased Installation Plan: You’ll have a well-thought-out plan of attack, so that planting your landscape is easy on your muscles and your budget.

Strategic Management Plan: You’ll know where to focus your effort, and how to manage your landscape over time with the least amount of work.

Deep Satisfaction: The immeasurably good feeling that comes from knowing that you were involved every step of the way; that this is your design, and that you are providing support for birds, butterflies, and other creatures with whom we share this planet.

“This is OUR land. What attracted us to this service is that we wanted to be very involved. We wanted to do it this way.”
–Clients in Cambridge, MD



In four meetings, each an hour or two long, we work together to make your dream landscape become reality:

number 1First meeting is at your home. We draw up a base plan, check out what your soil is like, and do a site analysis.

number 2Second meeting is at my studio. We work out the rough outlines of your design –including where paths or other surfaces will go, how to reduce the lawn, and the size and shape of trees and planted beds.

number 3Third meeting: We explore your preferences, your style, and fill in the design details with specific plants and hardscape materials. At this point we really focus on attracting birds and butterflies to your landscape and make selections so that each plant provides food, shelter, and support for biodiversity.

number 4Fourth meeting: We break it down for easier planting and maintenance. We decide how much to do at each phase, where to begin, and how to find the plants you’ll need. Specific planting and maintenance instructions are worked out, so that you have a plan for what you’ll do when, and who will be helping you on planting day.


These meetings are fun and informative, almost like a class, but you’re the only participant…

…so you have the instructor’s full and undivided attention! You will have homework—things to finish up for the next session.


 Easier on the pocketbook, too…

The cost is $1200. You pay in two, simple payments of $600, one at the first meeting and one at the fourth.

So the beauty of this is that you can pace it for your own budget and timeline—you can finish in two weeks, or stretch it out over a few months if you prefer.

FAQ about Co-Design

Where is the studio?

My studio is now in Annapolis Maryland, in the friendly, funky Cape St. Claire neighborhood. I moved in summer of 2014, and now the work begins on landscaping this nearly blank slate. I’ve done everything I can to make the new studio a great space for visitors to be creative–there are three drafting tables, good lighting, and lots of resources right at hand.

 My property covers a pretty large area and there’s a lot I want to do… What if four meetings is not enough time?

That’s OK—this service is somewhat flexible and can be adapted to cover a few more meetings, if necessary. Most landscapes can be covered in four meetings. But if we really need to, we can add meetings at a cost of $110 for each additional meeting. We can talk about that during the first visit, if you would like, or decide at the end.

I’m not very artistic and I have no background in horticulture–do you think I can do this?

Absolutely! As long as you are willing to follow through and finish your assignments between meetings, I will help you with the artistic and horticulture details.

 Can my spouse and I do this together?

Yes! You can do it together, or one of you can carry most of it and let the other participate on an as-needed basis. I have worked with couples both ways, and both ways seem to work well.

If you would like to ask a question about Co-Design or if you know you’re ready, please give me a call or send me a note by filling in the spaces below. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have, or get started on a new design.

Send me a note here:

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