Are you trying to find the right plants for your landscape?

R kosteletzkya virginica03Plant Selection Videoclasses help you select the right native plants for either your clay soil or your sandy soil landscape. Created in response to client requests, these video-and-plant-list combo packages will give you a beautiful plant palette of wildlife-supporting natives that will work for your own particular soil type. To learn more, or to get help determining your soil type,  click here…


Are you creating a landscape design for a small area?

Landscape Design Videoclasses. Sometimes you’re designing for a small space, and you need just a little help on a very specific topic. These design video classes are tailored for home use, so you can watch at your own pace, as many times as you like. They come with great notes, too!

PGD 13Designing a Colorful, Easy-Care Native Perennial Bed (COMING WINTER 2015!)


Designing a Small, Native Forest (COMING SOON!)



Do you want to create a master plan for your landscape?
Native Landscape Co-Design Service

Catoctin Forest home with Dogwood, cedar trellis fence, and stone, in springThis is an excellent way for homeowners to achieve their own, beautifully designed, native landscape on a reasonable budget. You will work directly with me, but you’ll actually get to roll up your sleeves and do much of the work yourself. Something like having a garden coach, but with some structure to get you exactly where you want to go. This is my favorite, because of the results we can achieve together.  Is it right for you? Come and take a look….


Do you have a very large project, and/or you’re pretty sure you don’t want to do it yourself?
Full Native Landscape Design Service

PGD 03 bSo you want the entire design done for you, professionally? Sure, I do that, too. Read more…




Talks and Live Classes

DSC_0170 crI enjoy giving a talk to garden clubs or other special groups. Learn more…

You can also go to this page to find out about upcoming classes that I’m teaching.