Audubon Society Guide to…

From my studio window as I type I’m seeing a hairy woodpecker, nuthatches, and chickadees, all seemingly here to remind me to write about them. So this month I’m going to have to write about birds!

And for this month’s book, there is an excellent book to help you find the right plants for specific birds. I have to thank my colleague, Ed Colohan, for introducing me to this book a few years ago. It is a great resource because it lists specific native plants and the birds that use them. This link between native plants and the different stages of birds’ lives—nesting, brooding, fledging, and migrating—cannot be overstated. Without sufficient food at each of these stages, or the right kind of cover, bird populations cannot thrive.

The book is divided into regions, with detailed descriptions of many good bird plants for each region. Each plant’s preferred light and soil conditions are listed, as well as the fruiting period and type, followed by a list of the birds that use the plant.

My copy of this book has a friendly, well-worn look from all the use it gets!